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What is Gladiatus Time Saver?

Gladiatus Time Saver is a browser extension that can run in your browser and adding some helpful features.

Why do you need it?

Many Gladiators out there are spending a lot of time on some boring actions in game called Gladiatus. They love that game but it takes much time so they want to leave. That why this extension is built to help Gladiators save their time on playing game and enjoy it. 

What feature you can find in this extension?

As a Gladiator, I understand what a Gladiator need that the game lacks. e.g. Cleaning package is taking a lot of time and boring. So this extension will help you save your time to clean up packages with a few clicks. Also we can fix items in workbench with few clicks. And there are a lot of features in this addon that you can get more benefit on speed server.

Do you love Gladiatus and don't want to leave?

Install now the appropriate Gladiatus Time Saver on your browser and see the difference!

Food Table


Character Overview

You can repair all items on character with only one click

Play outside
Baking with kids


You can pick many items from packages to inventory with few clicks


You can sell a lot items to merchant with just one click 

Play outside


Completely or partial repair multiple items with only one click and the tool repairs without using the materials you set


Configurable rules for automatically picking quests to find reward item from Underworld

An still have a lot of features are waiting you to explore


Reviews & comments

"Una masaaa, ahora necesito una barra que tire ataques automáticos para cuando no puedo estar ON :) y otra que me empaquete el oro también."


H K - Jun 1, 2022

"Saves A ton of time makes Packing a fun time and have alot more of that also makes repair and its Patches everytime and smelt are alot easier too . Very Recommended!"


Adir Elkabets - Jan 15, 2020

"This guy did a absolutely great job, it makes playing just so smooth and fun - he also helped me instantly with a small bug and removed it! Keep up the good work man."


Bade Meister - Sep 13, 2021

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